Nathanael Pollard

Nathanael Pollard, originally a classical pianist for 12 years, transitioned to contemporary and jazz music for his new found love of arranging and improvisation. On the side, Nathanael plays Guitar, Bass, Eastern and African Drums for various occasions when needed. As a gigging musician and teacher he believes deeply in the importance of exploring all aspects and genres of music. His greatest influences are Jazz Fusion, Reggae, R&B and Afro Cuban/Latin jazz.

With his extensive background in music, he’s taken his knowledge to the test of being a band leader of The Groove Machine; a pop cover band for those with an ear for jazz. The Mohawk College jazz program has brought many opportunities to Nathanael’s musicianship, including his love for Broadway music, and working with Jamshed Turel as part of the Burlington Student Theatre Pit Band. Through the great support of colleagues and the music faculty at Mohawk he enters his third year confident to perform his Final Recital.

Nathaniel’s Jazzology Playlist

  • The Lady is a Tramp – Bill Charlap Trio (2007)
  •  Jump Monk – Charles Mingus Big Band (1959)
  •  Actual Proof – Herbie Hancock (1974)
  •  Metropole – Anomalie (2017)
  •  All I Do – Cory Henry (2018)
  • Füt Prntz – Nathanael Pollard (2018)

Jazzology with Heather Bambrick can be heard Wednesdays at 9 pm.