Cameron Stewart is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Currently in his third year in jazz performance at York University, Stewart was awarded the prestigious Oscar Peterson Entrance Scholarship in 2021. He has studied with some of Toronto’s foremost jazz guitarists, including Lorne Lofsky, Nathan Hiltz, and Roy Patterson. Stewart works in a variety of ensembles, including various big bands and small combos, and as a leader in various jazz-oriented projects. Equally active in the Toronto indie scene, he is the guitarist and songwriter for the indie-pop group Meteor Heist, who perform extensively across Ontario. He is the lead guitarist in the indie-folk band Jacob’s Ladder and works as an accompanist for various singer-songwriters, playing guitar, pedal steel, and bass. Stewart has performed at renowned festivals including the Newport Jazz Festival and Summerfolk Festival, and many of Toronto’s prominent venues, including the Horseshoe Tavern and the Glenn Gould Studio.