Music Memory

JAZZ.FM91 and the Alzheimer Society of Toronto have come together to bring awareness to the importance that music can play for individuals living with dementia. Every Monday afternoon, Raina Hersh asks someone to describe an unforgettable music memory. Listen as they recount their personal soundtrack at important moments in their lives.

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The Power of Music

Listening to personalized music can be a powerful activity for those with dementia. Music has the potential to increase physical and social activity; reignite older memories; and to improve sleep, mood, cognition, communication, and overall quality of life.

The Alzheimer Society Music Project reconnects people with the soundtrack of their lives by providing MP3 players loaded with personalized music to people living with dementia.

Although each individual’s response to personalized music is unique, chances are that both the individual living with dementia and their care partner will benefit from an enhanced experience and an enriched way to reconnect.

The Alzheimer Society Music Project is available to participants at no cost once approved.

Learn more about the project and how to apply at