The Artistry of… Molly Johnson

Is she the child that got her own? I think so. She is no child, though. Her own is her own sound, and her own way of telling a story.

She is a living soul of Toronto’s Kensington Market, a neighbourhood that reflects the city back on itself. It’s a kind of crossroads for many that is as raw as you want it to be and as trendy as some may see it.

You get nothing but the real deal from Molly: grit, love, soul, fire, nurturing and, if you’re lucky, a piece of her mind.

If you have heard her sing, your experience is to be envied. The expression is pure, unique and direct. The honesty is what will rivet your attention. Molly sings and it is a beautiful mix of being directed to you and being made for you, wrapped up like a lush aural wash for the soul.

She is a Canadian treasure. She is a musical treasure. She is the powerful maternal force of the neighborhood she lives in — a place that responds as much to her as it does with her. You don’t have to ask; she means everything she tells you. What you should do is listen.

The Artistry of… is a weekly series that reflects on the passion and essence of an artist. It airs Wednesday evenings on Dinner Jazz with John Devenish.