Born and raised in South Korea, Minhee Seo was initially led into the world of music by R&B and pop music. At the age of 15, she achieved her first major recognition by winning the grand prize at a youth vocal contest hosted by the city where she lived. She had consistently garnered awards at various vocal competitions, solidifying her potential and abilities year after year. At 17, she began receiving professional vocal training, meticulously refining her singing skills and accumulating stage experience. As she entered adulthood, she ventured into the world as a demo singer, participating in recording sessions led by professional musicians, thereby accumulating valuable recording experience. One day, as she always yearned for more knowledge and growth in music, she embarked on a short trip to New York. There, captivated for the first time by the freshness and freedom of jazz, she decided to study it. Today, she is in her final year at Humber College and is currently recording her EP. Seo is dedicating herself to refining her piano skills, composition, and arrangement abilities, with the intention of actively immersing herself in Toronto’s vibrant jazz scene.