Marquis Hill goes back to the beginning with New Gospel Revisited

It’s been almost a decade since Chicago-born jazz trumpeter Marquis Hill’s rise to prominence as a fearless composer and performer, and he shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Hill’s latest release, New Gospel Revisited, is a live reinterpretation of his breakthrough debut New Gospel in 2012. It finds him bringing in a brand new band and a renewed perspective as a composer, bandleader, and performer.

Joining him on stage for this live recording at Constellation in Chicago is a star-studded sextet including Walter Smith III on tenor saxophone, Joel Ross on vibraphone, James Francies on piano, Kendrick Scott on drums and Harish Raghavan on bass. The new recording is not only a callback to the beginnings of Hill’s career, but it also finds new things to convey with the help of stellar individual performances from each member of the band.

Listen to the live version of Law & Order below.

For Hill, revisiting the set that started his recording career is a pivot to a fresh direction with his new home on Edition Records.

New Gospel was my debut album and my first completed production. To revisit this music in a fresh way with a new band has been uniquely invigorating — and hugely rewarding,” the trumpeter explains. “It’s thrilling to consider the long term and to see where my continued journey will take me next. Now I’d like to focus on the clarity of my voice and, together with Edition, even more effectively spread love and light through the music — to distinct audiences of distinct individuals, all around this world of ours.”

Here’s the track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Law & Order
  3. Walter Speaks (feat. Walter Smith III)
  4. The Believer
  5. Oracle (feat. Kendrick Scott)
  6. New Gospel
  7. Lullaby (feat. Joel Ross)
  8. Autumn
  9. New Paths
  10. A Portrait of Fola
  11. Perpetual (feat. Harish Raghavan)
  12. The Thump
  13. Farewell (feat. James Francies)

Marquis Hill’s New Gospel Revisited is out March 18 via Edition Records.