Drummer and producer Makaya McCraven reinterprets classic works from the Blue Note vault on his new remix album, Deciphering the Message.

The Chicago-based musician’s latest project includes tunes by jazz giants Art Blakey, Eddie Gale, Dexter Gordon and more.

McCraven has made a name for himself as a jazz bandleader known for loop-based production in a similar vein to celebrated hip-hop beatmakers Madlib and J Dilla, both of whom have also made appearances on Blue Note.

Ahead of the album’s September release, you can hear the lead single De’Jeff’s Tune, a new take on pianist Jack Wilson’s hard-bop track Frank’s Tune from his 1967 album Easterly Winds. The track features guitarist Jeff Parker and flutist De’Sean Jones, who each take turns at blazing solos. It opens and closes with a message sampled from Art Blakey: “We want you to leave your worldly troubles outside and come in here and swing.”