Lou Pomanti’s new album features all-star cast of Canadian talent

Award-winning musician, composer and producer Lou Pomanti is joined by an all-star cast of Canadian musical talent for his new album Lou Pomanti & Friends.

Among the album’s many collaborators are Emilie-Claire Barlow, David Clayton-Thomas, Matt Dusk, John Finley, Dione Taylor, Robyn Black, Larnell Lewis, June Garber, Marc Jordan, Irene Torres and Oakland Stroke. It also features a contribution from American trumpet master Randy Brecker.

Lou Pomanti & Friends features a range of music including vocal jazz, big band, bossa nova, blues, funk and soul.

The song selection includes a variety of popular standards and classic hits such as The Beatles’ Come Together, Michel Legrand’s Windmills of Your Mind, Hoagy Carmichael’s The Nearness of You, Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs. Jones, and Cat Stevens’ Father and Son, along with two originals.

Pomanti has already released four singles; below, you can listen to his take on Laura Nyro’s Stoned Soul Picnic, featuring Emilie-Claire Barlow and Randy Brecker:

Pomanti’s backing band for this outing features drummer Steve Heathcote and bassist Marc Rogers.

The album’s 14 tracks also have an extensive rotating cast of instrumentalists, including violinist Drew Jurecka, trumpeters Tony Carlucci, Chris Howells, Jason Logue and William Sperandei; saxophonists John Johnson, Steve MacDonald, John Panchyshyn and Simon Wallis; guitarists Jake Langley, Lou Bartolomucci, KC Roberts, Justin Abedin, Sam Pomanti and Danny Weirs; bassist Scott Alexander; cellist Blair Lofgren; flautist Bill McBirnie; trombonist William Carn; and drummer Davide DiRenzo.

“A very special thanks to all the friends on this record,” Pomanti writes in a statement. “Without them this would just be me noodling at the piano. Their collective talent on this project is staggering — the CD should weigh a thousand pounds.”

Here’s the track listing:

  1. Come Together (feat. Marc Jordan & Robyn Black)
  2. Your Mind is on Vacation (feat. David Clayton-Thomas & John Finley)
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  4. Amarte Duele (feat. Irene Torres)
  5. Stoned Soul Picnic (feat. Emilie-Claire Barlow & Randy Brecker)
  6. Me and Mrs. Jones (feat. Oakland Stroke)
  7. A House is Not a Home (feat. Robyn Black)
  8. Windmills of Your Mind (feat. June Garber)
  9. What Remains 
  10. Déjà Vu (feat. Dione Taylor)
  11. Money Love (feat. John Finley)
  12. Slow Hot Wind (Lujon) [feat. Marc Jordan]
  13. The Nearness of You (feat. Matt Dusk)
  14. Father and Son (feat. Sam Pomanti)

Lou Pomanti & Friends will be released May 27 via Vesuvius.

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