Jeffrey Morgan, of Metro Times Detroit, says this: “Lori Cullen has one of the purest voices of a generation.” When she sings, Cullen beautifully makes the song seem like it is just for you. She makes a song her own, like it’s Lori’s song, and then she shares it with the listener; it is as if it is very much from her to you. It is an inclusive sound and artistry as it welcomes music of diverse genres without any hint of prejudice or discrimination. A perfectly inviting sensibility.

Life’s experiences are the seasoning of Cullen’s singing. Whether direct, expressed, alluded to, or evoked, there is a direct avenue to the listener’s soul. It feels as if she has an ease with relating journeys, adventures, and stories. It is a connection.

Life affects us all in many different ways. The ability to find common ground in life is the lot of the artist. It is a kind of social activism all its own. Cullen finds sweetness, truth, and depth of heart-framed soul in her music. And she expresses the commonality with us selflessly and with a nurturing grace.