Toronto-based jazz trio Local Talent have just released their second album Remotism.

Local Talent features three of Canada’s most talented jazz instrumentalists: keyboardist and bandleader James Hill, electric bassist Rich Brown and drummer Ian Wright.

The band released its debut album Higienópolis in late 2019.

The new album Remotism includes eight new tracks composed by Hill, with additional writing credits on two tracks for Wright and saxophonist Jeff Larochelle of Hill’s other project, Autobahn Trio.

Local Talent see jazz through a decidedly 21st century lens. Remotism is electric, modern, hypnotic and soulful, and Hill manages to convey the sense of isolation and melancholy of the last two years.

“I’m really, really pleased with how it turned out because to me it sublimates many of the complex emotions from the last year,” said Hill. “It’s kind of turbulent, pensive and emotive all at once.”

You can listen to Local Talent’s Remotism on Bandcamp.