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Tigran Hamasyan Trio and Majd Sekkar Quartet at Koerner Hall

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Tigran Hamasyan Trio and Majd Sekkar Quartet at Koerner Hall
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Described as “a mature and great and rich and deep artist” by Chick Corea, versatile Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan makes his Koerner Hall debut joined by his trio. “Tigran has found a way to keep improvisation fresh and lyrical. Other jazz musicians would be wise to take note.” (The Guardian) “With a firm yet delicate touch, Tigran lets the melody sing.” (NPR) “The startling combinations of jazz, minimalist, electronic, folk and songwriterly elements … Hamasyan and his collaborators travel musical expanses marked with heavy grooves, ethereal voices, pristine piano playing and ancient melodies. You’ll hear nothing else like this…” (NPR Music)

Syrian Canadian clarinetist, instructor, and composer Majd Sekkar’s name is well known in Toronto’s music scene for his fusion music and unique sound, as he blends Middle Eastern folk and classical music with jazz. A member of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, and a clarinet and Arabic music theory teacher at the Canadian Arabic Conservatory, Sekkar has performed on stages across Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Algeria. He has given master classes on Arabic music theory and incorporating clarinet in Middle Eastern music at the University of Toronto and York University. In addition to his own quartet that mixes and transcends jazz, Middle Eastern, and other music, he plays in a number of Toronto’s favourite bands.