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The Jerry Cans and New North Collective

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The Jerry Cans and New North Collective
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The Jerry Cans create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut, and life in the Canadian Arctic. With their unique mix of traditional Inuit throat singing and roots-rock sung in the Indigenous language of Inuktitut, The Jerry Cans offer a distinctly northern sound and infectious, high-energy performances. “Robust roots-rock, gruff Inuk throat singing, beery Celtic punk … There’s plenty in this ensemble’s tank.” (The Globe and Mail)

The New North Collective (NNC) is an ensemble of northern Canadian performing artists from Yukon and Northwest Territories whose music focuses on an in-depth look at being a northern person and a northern artist with the impact of geography and community on the music they create collaboratively. The music is diverse and skillful, representative of a multitude of genres include jazz, folk, new music, spoken word, and rock. While exploring and pushing musical boundaries, there is a common goal to discard the stereotypes of the region and the people who live in rural and remote northern communities.