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Night in the Garden @ The Aga Khan Museum

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Night in the Garden @ The Aga Khan Museum
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Join longtime collaborators of one of the most prolific musicians of the 20th century, Yusef Lateef, as they interpret a special banner painted by Night in the Garden of Love artist Shezad Dawood. Using the banner as a visual score, master musicians Adam Rudolph, Ralph Miles Jones, and Alexis Marcelo will share deep insights into the creative process Lateef called autophysiopsychic — music coming from the mental, physical, and spiritual self.

Presented in seven movements, Night in the Garden will lead you through the imagined garden, stopping along the way to reflect on the radiance of love. Prototypical sounds of spontaneous composition will be heard as the musicians dialogue with one another, responding to the feelings that radiate from the audience. Performing as the fourth member of the quartet, Dawood will blend sound and colour to create a truly multisensory experience.

Following the event, the banner painted by Shezad Dawood and a recording of the performance will be displayed in the exhibition at a later date.