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Mark Kelso & The Jazz Exiles at The Rex

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Mark Kelso & The Jazz Exiles at The Rex
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With their original Jazz/Funk/Fusion sound now familiar to Jazz radio stations all around the globe, the Jazz Exiles continue to craft their signature style on ELEMENTALS. Whether laying down the greasy grooves of “Slank” and “Boom Tune” or the melodic approach on “Solace” to the fiery intensity of “Elementals (Water) and “Zig Zag” the Jazz Exiles continue their commitment to playing music that grooves hard, has lots of rhythmic interplay and is all about the melody. This recording is the perfect continuation of what the group debuted on “Stealing From My Youth” back in 2016.

Kelso says, “After playing with the guys now, I have a better understanding of each individual voice so I am able to write more specifically for them yet still allow a lot of creative freedom for them to do their own thing!” Kelso also adds a personal touch on this recording by writing 2 tunes for his young children, Conor & Aoife.

The Jazz Exiles are back and they are here to stay! Check out “ELEMENTALS” on itunes, spotify or on the band website at www.groovydrums.com and fall into their groove and hang on for a fun ride!