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KUNE with Meesha Shafa & Jesse Cook @ Koerner Hall

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KUNE with Meesha Shafa & Jesse Cook @ Koerner Hall
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Founded at The Royal Conservatory in celebration of the sesquicentennial, KUNÉ – Canada’s global orchestra – explores and celebrates Canada’s cultural diversity through the shared language of music. The 11 musicians hail from all corners of the globe – Peru, Burkina Faso, China, Iran, and beyond. Together, they create a sound that is at once global and uniquely local. KUNÉ fuses 11 musical traditions and 25 instruments into an ear-spinning confection of leaping melodies and luscious timbres.

A global South Asian pop icon, Meesha Shafi’s nuanced explorations of self, society, and artistic expression have given her critical recognition and a loyal fan base around the world. The widely recognized singer and songwriter began her musical journey in Lahore, Pakistan, as the singer for a rock band. She soon branched out into a solo career that celebrates her musical and artistic heritage via folk and Sufi sensibilities combined with global instrumentation.

Known for his intoxicating fusion of world music styles, Jesse Cook is widely considered as one of the most influential figures in ‘nuevo flamenco’ guitar, incorporating elements of flamenco, rumba, jazz, and many forms of world music into his work.

Presented in partnership with Small World Music