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FRIDAY LIVE: Dione Taylor

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FRIDAY LIVE: Dione Taylor
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JAZZ.FM91’s FRIDAY LIVE live-to-air concert series kicks off with the soulful singer-songwriter Dione Taylor performing music from her new album Spirits in the Water, a mix of roots, blues and Americana music. Taylor will be joined by Nichol Robertson on guitar, Mark McIntyre on bass and Lyle Molzan on drums.

According to the Yuchi Indian Tribe of Tennessee, there is a powerful legend of the Tanasi River, or “Singing River,” that inside the waterway lives a woman who sings songs to protect those who hear her. Inspired by this folklore, Taylor took an insightful road trip to Nashville and found inspiration for her vivid new album Spirits in the Water, a musical odyssey that explores a sacred healing journey back to the self.

FRIDAY LIVE with Dione Taylor. Listen in or watch it live on our Facebook page on Friday, Oct. 9, at 5 p.m. ET.

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