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Fearless Hearts: A Taylor Swift Tribute @ the Redwood Theatre

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Fearless Hearts: A  Taylor Swift Tribute @ the Redwood Theatre
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About the Event:

  • Includes performances of Taylor’s songs, lip-synching, auctions of Taylor-related items, and much more.
  • Co-hosted by Stu Jeffries (Boom 97.3FM) and Liz West (Zoomer Radio).
  • Performances by Phoenix Black (drag performer), Barry Canning, Shawn Creamer, Damhnait Doyle, Murray Foster, Faylee Goren, Alexandra LeBlanc (operatic style), Angela Saini,Talia Schlanger, and Vasundhara (Vasu) Taneja (Bollywood style)!
  • Event features a 360 video booth, so feel free to dress for the red carpet at any Taylor era!


About the Cause:

  • Proceeds go to Lonny’s Smile Foundation, a charity which sends kids with congenital heart disease (CHD) to Camp Oki, Canada’s premier cardiac camp for kids.
  • CHD is the world’s most common birth defect – in Canada, 1 in 80-100 kids are born with it.
  • Kids with CHD often miss out on mainstream camps because of the myth they are “too sick” to attend. But with Camp Oki, their attendance is possible.
  • It costs $2,500 to send one CHD kid to camp for a week, due to the extra care and resources they need.
  • Since 2010, Lonny’s Smile has sent 129 CHD kids to camp, at no cost to their families.