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Best of Big Band Open Mic

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Best of Big Band Open Mic
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The Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble is putting on a very special Big Band Open Mic this year


This years’ show is a little different. We decided to pick our favorite singers from

the last 7 years and put on a “Best” of show.



Each singer has “worked out” with the band to get a little more comfortable with the concept of sharing the stage with a conductor and 17 musicians. “It’s a lot different from singing with a smaller group,” says bandleader Rob Boniface. “If a singer does something unexpected, they learn in a hurry that 17 people behind them cannot all adjust at once. But even with the learning curve, I’m really impressed with the talent of the singers who are joining us.”


The audience can expect a fun array of different vocal styles, as the open mic singers tackle everything from soulful blues to fast-driving Sinatra songs.


What:             The “Best” Big Band Open Mic with the    Mississauga Big Band Jazz                        Ensemble

When:            Saturday, April 6, 2012

7:00 p.m.

Where:           Cooksville United Church

2500 Mimosa Row               Mississauga

Tickets:         $20 per person, $10 for children and people aged 65 or older

To order, email Rob Boniface or call 905-270-4757



Contact: Rob Boniface, Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble, 905-270-4757, at rboniface@rogers.com