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Alex Pangman’s Annual Mardi Gras Party

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Alex Pangman’s Annual Mardi Gras Party
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If you’re recording a new EP — and your session musician suddenly warns “we’ve got one more side left, don’t screw it up!” — you know you have an unconventional project underway. This is the exhilarating and creative scenario Canadian jazz and swing songbird (and JUNO Award nominee) Alex Pangman found herself in for her ambitious and unique special project, Hot Three, and its long unprecedented use of blank acetate as a recording medium.

That’s right, direct to 78rpm acetate disc. On her 2017 EP for Justin Time “Alex Pangman’s Hot Three”, she goes further backwards in time to discover why early jazz recordings have the special sound and energy that they do. In this artistic journey, and with 3 minutes to cut a tune while the groove was cut in real-time before the musician’s eyes live, the singer came to understand both the inspiration behind the hot recordings of early jazz, and also some of the mindset of early recording pioneers, and the energy it produced.

Annual Mardi Gras party featuring Alex Pangman’s Alleycats & Red Hot Ramble happens on March 5!

Dinner reservations guarantees seating. Advance names will be on list at the door. General Admission available, too