Just months after her quartet’s latest album, trumpeter Lina Allemano is set to release another recording called Canons.

On this new release, the Canadian trumpeter, composer and bandleader performs nine original pieces — both composed and improvised — with five different chamber ensembles.

“I started writing canons as a fun and challenging compositional game of sorts,” Allemano explains. “Five of the pieces here are written for trumpet and various unusual chamber ensembles in either two-, three-, or four-part canon, all incorporating improvised sections alongside the composed material. Each piece employs aspects of the canon form as a common thread, including the improvised pieces by trumpet/electronics duo BLOOP.”

The special-edition release of Canons coincides with the 20th anniversary of LUMO Records, Allemano’s artist-run record label established in 2003.

In May, the Lina Allemano Four released Pipe Dreammarking the latest chapter in the chamber-jazz quartet’s ongoing evolution. Their previous release, Vegetables, was nominated for the Juno Award for jazz album of the year, group, in 2022.