About Kyle Eastwood’s album In Transit, these words from a quote from his website bio read this way: “Catchy and modern … the blueprint for a contemporary form of jazz which encompasses melodic richness and groove.” The words speak to the essence of Eastwood’s soundscape and creativity.

He leads from the bass with a cool perspective — that place of foundation also taking on the role of what is built upon foundation. The upper decks are expertly woven not only by Eastwood but also by those with whom he works, as there is a seamless understanding of the conversation of jazz.

There is elegance in the groove and a sensibility of the dramatic and cinematic, reflecting his familial roots, his father’s legacy and the richness of an immersion in music, in jazz and its legacies and artists and the richness of its social and cultural history. Its gifts, its inescapable inclusion in the fabric of an endlessly evolving and impression making reach. A lasting touch and teaching. It is immense in its broadness of a truly broader culture of America’s music. The artistry is in the blend and the foundations that lead and support all at once.