Guitarist Kevin Eubanks and pianist Orrin Evans pair up for their first duo album

Guitarist Kevin Eubanks and pianist Orrin Evans have paired up for their first duo recording, EEE (Eubanks Evans Experience).

Out March 18 via Evans’ label Imani Records, EEE is a set with a wide-ranging repertoire and unpredictable performances from these two prolific musicians. The album mixes on-the-spot originals with funk-jazz deep cuts and classic tunes by jazz masters.

Listen to the first track, Novice Bounce, below.

Eubanks and Evans not only share their Philadelphia roots — which a major element that informs the album — but they also tap into an extensive wealth of knowledge gained through their respective careers in music. The track listing reflects these parallels between the two musicians, with song choices making reference to moments in their career. Variations on Adoration appears on Eubanks’ album Zen Food and his farewell performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while Variations on The Battle is a rendition of Evans’ Half the Battle.

The duo has previously appeared together on Orrin Evans’ album #knowingishalfthebattle, released by Smoke Sessions in 2016.

Known for their risk-taking interplay, Eubanks and Evans run with the theme of freedom on this release, crafting an environment that allows for spontaneous creation.

“I like to play with musicians where you don’t have to talk much; you just find a feeling and a direction and go there together,” says Eubanks “There’s a certain trust that the person is going to bring a vibe, a texture and a personality to the song, even if you’re making up as you go along. With Orrin, I feel confident that if we say, ‘Let’s just start a song,’ we can do that. But if we want something really articulate and planned out, we don’t have any problem with doing that either.”

“What I love about Kevin is he’s not afraid of the journey,” Evans adds. “When you have nothing to prove, the possibilities of the music are just amazing, and that’s pretty much what’s happening here.”

Here’s the track listing:

  1. Novice Bounce
  2. Dreams of Loving You 
  3. I Don’t Know
  4. And… They Ran Out of Bisquits! 
  5. Dawn Marie
  6. Variations on The Battle
  7. Variations on Adoration

Kevin Eubanks and Orrin Evans’ EEE (Eubanks Evans Experience) is out March 18 via Imani Records.