Keith Jarrett shares new track Answer Me, teases upcoming album

Keith Jarrett has shared a previously unreleased take on the popular song Answer Me, a first taste of his upcoming ECM album Live from Budapest.

One of the world’s greatest living pianists released the new track to mark his 75th birthday on May 8.

Recorded at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall in Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 2016, it’s a tender, absorbing treatment of the beloved ’50s composition.

Originally titled Mütterlein, the song was written by German musician Gerhard Winkler and Austrian lyricist Fred Rauch. Carl Sigman then wrote two versions of the song with English lyrics — a religious-themed version called Answer Me, and a secular version called Answer Me, My Love — and it became a No. 1 hit in the U.K. for both Frankie Laine and David Whitfield.

The song was most famously recorded by Nat King Cole in 1954, with other notable performances including Joni Mitchell’s version for her 2000 album Both Sides Now.

Answer Me has been in Jarrett’s live repertoire for the past decade. Fans may have already heard a different recording of the song on his latest album Munich 2016, which was captured during the same tour as the Budapest concert.

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Widely heralded by connoisseurs of both jazz and classical music, Jarrett has marked his 75th birthday with a reminder that he remains one of the greatest living musical performers.

ECM will release Live From Budapest in the fall of 2020.