Originally from Colombia, Juan David Sepulveda moved to Canada in 2018. His main instrument is the guitar, which he started to play when he was 17 years old. By the age of 22, Sepulveda started to play in several rock bands in his hometown. In 2016, he joined a music project from the Colombian Pacific region that incorporated a mix of African folklore and blues harmonies. It won several awards and gave them the opportunity to record an album. Sepulveda always had the dream of studying music professionally, and it was here in Canada that he had the opportunity to do so. He is currently enrolled in the applied music program at Mohawk College. Jazz is something new for Sepulveda, and every day he falls more in love with this wonderful genre that has allowed him to expand his musical knowledge. Sepulveda’s favourite jazz artists are John Scofield, Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino.