The Artistry of… Jodi Proznick

I like it when the foundation takes determined and confident steps out to the front — when it takes the lead and drives the direction of expression.

In jazz combos, standard casting can often see piano, bass and drums forming the rhythm section and the accompanying backing base to a lead artist, supporting and giving solid foundation to what the ensemble has to say. When one of those in the supporting cast takes the lead and drives, and directs as they evolve, they become the way-finder. The result is a beautiful new focus.

The bass is one of the instruments that plays, resonates, and vibrates right up close to the body. Close to the heart. Right up next to the artist’s soul. Jodi Proznick is a bass artist. The artistry brings the resonant depth of bass character and voice out front for the ear to feel first, and then realize it as the driver in, and of, the sweetness of the music.