Joanna Majoko lives deep in every single note she sings. Every single note that passes through her from her soul to her voice is gifted a special kind of buoyancy. A trajectory that has purposeful intent and travels lifted by a respect for the word and sentiment it accompanies. She is a singer’s singer and a band’s favorite because of her ability to be in the moment and in the moments of performance, the precious moments of music making. I like that for her, music is a serious and honest thing, that in its seriousness it has plenty of space and room for fun and enjoyment, and a liberty of beguilement and provocation.

The voice is unmistakable, there are no airs and it is naturally sophisticated. I think it comes from her personal nature to be intentionally approachable. Her artistry is open armed and welcomes and entertains as it relishes capturing and holding your attention. Joanna has a lot to say to you, and she is not afraid to say it every time she gets her chance. What she has to say is going to always be said directly to you and it is as direct as in a song. It is simply because she lives deep in every single note she sings.