JAZZ.FM91 celebrates Jazzology talent with CD compilation

JAZZ.FM91 presents a new CD compilation celebrating the musicianship of Jazzology from past and present.

Jazzology provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and accomplishments, and share their stories and love of music in a professional environment. These talented jazz students choose the music and the artists they wish to talk about, including some recordings of their own.

The program provides emerging artists with the opportunity to develop important skills, such as biography writing, media training, interviewing, public speaking and social media. For many who participate, it is their first chance to conduct a professional interview as an artist. It also gives participants a chance to have their original music played on the radio.

Since 2006, JAZZ.FM91 has presented more than 180 selected jazz students from the University of Toronto, York University, Humber College and Mohawk College. Since taking part in the program, many of these artists have gone on to pursue successful careers as performers, composers and educators.

“Part of the joy of hosting Jazzology is experiencing the astounding talent that is being nurtured by our local post-secondary music institutions,” says host Heather Bambrick. “Many of the tunes on this recording are being heard for the first time right here, and they represent just a small sampling of the incredible talent we’ve featured on Jazzology over the years. Thank you for supporting the future of jazz.”

Track listing:
  1. Nick Arsenau – Ten Mile Aroma (To The Bootlegger’s House, Fort Erie)
  2. Davis O’Donnell – Aquarelles
  3. Mason Victoria – Jonah’s Lament
  4. Agneya Chikte – Teleology
  5. Jacqueline Teh – Rain
  6. Dennis Kwok – Part V. Elegy
  7. Spencer MacKenzie – Fine Place to Start
  8. Racha Moukalled & Evan Little – Three Flowers
  9. Robert Lee – Ascension
  10. James Addis – Hammer Time
  11. Brooklyn Bohach – (Ocean) Bloom
  12. Mike Morabito – Surrendering to Change
  • Produced by Heather Bambrick
  • Mastering and sound engineering by Glenn Crosse
  • Production coordination by Elizabeth Zeppa
  • Concept by Michael Booth
  • Graphic design and layout by Richard Jacobson and Laura Fernandez
  • Logo by Adam Feibel
  • Manufactured by CD Experts

Jazzology is supported by the RBC Emerging Artists Project.

How to get it

This CD is our thank-you gift for a donation of at least $200 (or $16.67 monthly). Just go to jazz.fm/donate and select it from the dropdown menu to claim this gift.