The JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band hasn’t gotten together for rehearsal in months, but they’ve still managed to play music as a group while staying in their homes.

Led by musical director Jules Estrin, the band performed the jazz standard Lullaby of the Leaves by composer Bernice Petkere. The members each recorded and filmed their parts at home, and Grade 7 student Samuel Estrin combined them into a music video.

Established in 2006, the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band is a free educational program that provides the opportunity for selected middle- and high-school students to rehearse with an 18-piece big band and perform with international jazz luminaries.

  • Trumpets: Duru Aran, Hunter Logue, Jacob Estrin, Benjamin Lee
  • Trombones: Angela Pincente, Luke Zhang, Tibor Stojanovick, Miles Moser
  • Saxophones: Alexsis Seaman, Cieran Coady, Gabriel Vanier, Hayden Stapleton, Joel Bracken
  • Rhythm: Caleb Khuu, Eric Liang, Jackson Haynes, Miguel Jarzabek

Watch the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band’s video for Lullaby of the Leaves below.