Savour a night of incredible cuisine, great company, and intimate live music with a JAZZ.FM91 virtual cooking class.

Our chefs from Cucinato Mercato will guide you through a world of delicious, tantalizing flavours created right in your kitchen. Cook alongside some of your favourite JAZZ.FM91 hosts, then enjoy a musical performance to top off your evening.

Each class takes place on Zoom and will start at 6 p.m. and conclude by 8:30 p.m. Everyone in your household can participate.

The grocery list for each class will be provided upon confirmation of attendance. These items can be purchased from your local grocery store or directly from Cucinato Mercato for pickup or delivery within the Greater Toronto Area. (Approximate cost for ingredients: $60 per couple / $120 for a group of four.)

Dates available:
Saturday, April 24

Tastes of Rome with Gianluca Ruggieri

  • Hosted by John Devenish and Walter Venafro
  • Musical performance by Joanna Majoko


  • Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe: Sometimes called “Italian mac an cheese,” this classic Roman pasta dish is simple in ingredients but precise in technique. Chef Gianluca will show you the right way to make it!
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana: A veal dish that “jumps in your mouth,” as the name suggests, will prosciutto crudo and sage
  • Broccoli alla Romana: Broccoli au gratin, Italian style


Tuesday, May 4

Please note: This date is now full.

Tastes of Puglia with Massimo Bruno


  • Cotolette di Mama Bruno: Massimo’s mom’s recipe for braised chicken scaloppine with mushroom and peppers
  • Patate, Riso e Cozze: A distinct dish, typical of Massimo’s home area of Bari, made with mussels, rice and potatoes
  • Cime di Rapa Ripassata: Puglia’s “national dish,” rapini, prepared in the classic aglio e olio style


Thursday, May 6

Tastes of Naples with Chef Bruno di Sarno

  • Hosted by Laura Fernandez and Ronnie Littlejohn
  • Musical performance by Lance Anderson


  • Pasta alle melenzane: Rustic homestyle pasta tossed in a eggplant and tomato sauce, finished with parmigiano and dried ricotta
  • Braciole di Manzo: South-Italian style beef rolls, slow cooked in tomato and herbs
  • Gattò di patate napoletano: Potato “cake” stuffed with cheese and soppressata (artisanal salame)

How to attend:

An invitation to one of JAZZ.FM91’s virtual cooking classes is our thank-you gift for your donation of $550 or more.

About Cucinato:

Cucinato is run collaboratively by Tuscan olive oil and wine producer Gaia Massai, Pugliese chef and culinary tour guide Massimo Bruno, and marketer/writer Mark Cirillo (author of Pizza Cultura).