On June 2, known as Blackout Tuesday, JAZZ.FM91 posted that we were “saddened” by the “tragic death” of George Floyd. In truth, our reaction should have been outrage at the killing of George Floyd, and the countless other victims of systemic racism.

As the stalwarts of a genre based in Black culture and history, JAZZ.FM91 is committed to doing better. We stand in solidarity with all those who fight against anti-Black racism. We embrace the need to combat systemic racism and other forms of bias within society, and the necessity to be proactive within our own organization.

To this end, we have formed a special committee of the board and senior management to lead us in this work. We have already begun researching resources, connecting with experts in this field, and will be meeting with our own people to ensure that we are hearing multiple perspectives on this issue.

While there is much learning yet to do, what has become clear to us is that racism and anti-Black racism exists everywhere, and that all levels of society must be involved in the solution.

As we move forward, we further commit to being transparent in communicating our plans and actions with our listeners and other stakeholders. We know this initiative is only the first step in a long journey, but it is a journey and a reckoning whose time has come.