JAZZ.FM91 announced today that Lorie Russell, Vice President, Managing Director, will be leaving the station in mid-December. The station has commenced a search for a new General Manager.

Ms. Russell has held the position since March 1, 2019. Her appointment followed the change of the board of directors and senior management that took place in February, 2019.

“Lorie took the reins at a critical time for JAZZ.FM91. Under her leadership, the station has won back listeners, donors and advertisers, and importantly, the support of local professional jazz musicians,” said Brian Hemming, Chair of JAZZ.FM91. “We are disappointed Lorie is leaving us, but it was her decision alone, which we respect. Fortunately, she leaves us in a stronger position to handle the uncertainty that lies ahead as a result of COVID-19 and other challenges facing the radio broadcast industry.”

Lorie Russell said, “It was a difficult decision for me to make, but for personal reasons it was time to leave. It has been an incredible couple of years — perhaps the most challenging, but in many ways, the most satisfying of my career. The passion of the people who work at the station and those who support it as donors, listeners, advertisers, volunteers and musicians is unbelievable. It has been a family for me, and I will miss them all.”

Mr. Hemming said the Board will be looking for a General Manager who can build on the improved financial and operating condition of the station. He said JAZZ.FM91 presents a unique set of challenges, but one that will appeal to a special individual. “JAZZ.FM91 is more than just a radio station playing jazz. We are a charitable organization as well, with obligations to not only entertain, but also to educate our listeners and inspire new generations of jazz musicians. Our General Manager needs to wear several hats and know how to motivate and lead a diverse team at the station as well as attract advertisers, donors and volunteers who are all critical to the station’s success and unique position as Canada’s only 24/7 jazz station.”

A description of the General Manager position can be found at jazz.fm/GMposition.