JAZZ.FM91 announced today that Brian Hemming is stepping down as Chair of the station, effective March 31, 2022.

Catherine Mitro, currently Vice Chair, has been appointed by the Board of Directors to take over from Mr. Hemming. Peter von Schilling, also a director, has been appointed Vice Chair.

Brian Hemming has served as Chair since February 2019, leading the regeneration of the Board of Directors and the building of a new management team at the station.

“It has been an immensely satisfying three years,” Mr. Hemming said. “The station has regained its strength in many ways — financially, and as a beacon for the jazz community through programming and community outreach.”

Mr. Hemming said he is leaving the board for personal reasons.

“The simple fact is that my wife and I intend to spend more time in my native Australia, and the time away from Toronto and the significant travel demands would compromise my continuing as Chair of the station. I do believe, however, that Cathy is expertly qualified to take the reins at this stage of the station’s continuing development.”

Catherine Mitro, who has been Vice Chair of JAZZ.FM91 since February 2019, brings impressive credentials to her new role. Recently retired as a full-time professor in Humber College’s renowned music department, Ms. Mitro has been active in education for more than 40 years. She founded Humber’s Community Music School in 1980, working closely with leading musicians and educators to build the school’s current national and international reputation for innovative jazz education. The recipient of several national and international awards, she has been inducted into the MusicFest Canada Hall of Fame and was recently nominated for the prestigious Premier’s Awards for Outstanding College Graduates.

“I am honoured to take on this position and to continue the work that the board and station management have done over the past three years,” said Ms. Mitro. “The station’s vision — to make jazz accessible to everyone — and our mission — to entertain, inspire and unite our local community and the global jazz community — reflect my passion for the music and musicians. I am excited about what JAZZ.FM91 can achieve.”

Dana Wigle, General Manager of JAZZ.FM91 said she looks forward to working with the new Chair. “Cathy has had a key role in the development of our community outreach programs, and working directly with her as Chair will further strengthen our connections with the jazz community.”

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