Starting this Sunday, The Big Band Show with Glen Woodcock will be sponsored by the generous support of long-time JAZZ.FM91 donor Ross Lawrence.

Many of our donors have asked how they can support our programming similarly to how many individuals, family foundations and trusts support local PBS programming in the United States, so we’ve created a program just for you.

Is Café Latino your favourite program? Have you been listening to Danny Marks’s BLUZ.FM for years and want to show your support?

Learn more about our donor-funded programming opportunities. Contact Michael Booth at or 416-595-0404 x234.

About Ross Lawrence

“JAZZ.FM91 has been a big part of my life since the days of CJRT, listening regularly to Ted O’Reilly. The Big Band Show with Glen Woodcock is a tradition on Sunday nights; it brings back many memories of our years in high school when we listened to Club 580 with Jo-Jo Crysdale on CKEY every afternoon. Glen has proved to be the iron man of the genre, and we pray that he may continue to entertain us with his extensive knowledge of the music and the artists as he contributes mightily to keeping the music alive. I am very happy to provide greater support (to JAZZ.FM91) in these perilous times.”