JAZZ.FM91 celebrates 20th anniversary with CD compilation

Twenty years ago on Jan. 1, 2001, CJRT-FM, after more than 50 years of broadcasting, made the change to an all-jazz format and became Canada’s only 24-hour jazz radio station: JAZZ.FM91.

Everything that JAZZ.FM91 is today is a culmination of the passion and hard work of many hundreds of people — in front of and behind the mic, on the stage and behind the curtains, educators and artists, volunteers and dedicated listeners — all of whom have been a part of this station in the time since the switch was turned on back in 1949.

We’re pleased to offer a celebratory CD, available only to JAZZ.FM91 donors, as our thank you for the last two decades of your support. It is also a tribute to just a few of the many Canadian artists who fill our airwaves every day. They are those you have heard on JAZZ.FM91 and CJRT-FM for decades and those whose careers we hope to have helped shaped over these last 20 years.

None of this happens without your support — and the music.

So please enjoy, and above all, thank you.

Track listing:
  1. Oliver Jones & Skip Bey – Girl Talk
  2. Emilie-Claire Barlow – These Boots Were Made for Walking
  3. Kollage – Lonely Woman
  4. Lori Cullen – Both Sides Now
  5. Guido Basso & Jimmy Dale – You’re Nearer
  6. June Garber & Jackie Richardson – Just for a Thrill
  7. Denzal Sinclaire – Exactly Like You
  8. Mike Murley, Reg Schwager & Steve Wallace – Isfahan
  9. Richard Underhill – Hustle Up
  10. Jane Bunnett and Maqueque – On Firm Ground
  11. Barbra Lica – Hello From My Basement
  12. Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny – True Blue
  13. Laila Biali – We Go
  14. Molly Johnson – I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You
  15. John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra – B.V. (Before Virginia)
  • Project manager: Jaymz Bee
  • Project director: Michael Booth
  • Music director: Brad Barker
  • Authorizing and mastering: Glenn Crosse
  • Graphic design and layout: Richard Jacobson and Laura Fernandez
  • Logo: Adam Feibel
  • Pressing: Zoran Busic at cdexperts.com
How to donate

This celebratory CD is our thank-you gift for a donation of at least $200 (or $16.67 monthly). Just go to jazz.fm/donate and select it from the dropdown menu to claim this gift.