JAZZ.FM91 thanks donors for a successful pledge drive

After a hugely successful fundraising campaign that raised a total of $324,081, JAZZ.FM91 would like to sincerely thank all our new and returning donors for their generous support.

We’d also like to specially thank our volunteers, who gave their time to answer phones and helped contribute to the campaign’s fun and positive atmosphere.

Throughout the nine-day pledge drive, many familiar voices returned to the studio as guests to help turn over a new leaf and to encourage donors to keep supporting the music and station they love. Special thanks to Heather Bambrick, Terry McElligott, Jaymz Bee, Walter Venafro, Ralph Benmergui and David Basskin for all their hard work as frequent guest hosts throughout the campaign. And thank you to all the other musicians, broadcasters and public figures who joined us to help push a positive message.

Your donation makes a difference. We are a completely independent, not-for-profit organization, and a large part of our operations is funded by listeners like you. The success of this pledge drive means a great deal as we move forward and continue to bring you the music and programming you love. Thank you once again. We couldn’t do this without you.

Keep scrolling to view photos from the pledge drive.

Brad Barker and Bryan Snelson kicking off the campaign with the first group of volunteers.
Terry McElligott and Michael Booth.
Walter Venafro, John Devenish and JAZZ.FM91 board chair Brian Hemming.
Heather Bambrick.
Volunteers take calls during the pledge drive.
Danny Marks.
Terry McElligott, David Basskin and Glen Woodcock with Jim John of the Swing Shift Big Band.
Corey Butler and Jaymz Bee.
Heather Bambrick and former Toronto mayor David Miller.
Danny Marks and Laura Fernandez.
Laura Fernandez, Jaymz Bee and Ori Dagan.
John Devenish, Ori Dagan and Walter Venafro.
Heather Bambrick with Cornelia Luna and Bill and Kristine King.
Terra Hazelton, June Garber and Heather Bambrick.
Terry McElligott, Steve Pettafor of the George Lake Big Band, David Basskin and Glen Woodcock.