After raising enough money to provide 104 musicians with $1,000 grants to put toward new projects, the Jazz Coalition has posted an online gallery of the new works.

Formed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jazz Coalition was created by NYC Winter Jazzfest’s Brice Rosenbloom, artist manager Gail Boyd and concert producer Danny Melnick. The aim was to “unite the global jazz community” by building a network of industry professionals, musicians, and supporters.

The Jazz Coalition asked donors to contribute at least $100 to become members. Artists were then nominated by Jazz Coalition members and selected by a jury.

The commissions include audio and video works by Christine Jensen, Linda May Han Oh, Brandee Younger, Christian Sands, Jazzmeia Horn, Herlin Riley, Makaya McCraven, Melissa Aldana, Orrin Evans, Michael Mayo, Theo Croker, William Parker, the late Ralph Peterson and many more.

Below, you can watch the video of Montreal-based saxophonist Christine Jensen’s commission, Quiescence Suite.

You can view the gallery at