Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee is a bandleader, broadcaster, writer, tour guide and party planner. He’s been an on-air host with JAZZ.FM91 for more than 16 years and has spent well over a decade producing and hosting local and international jazz safaris. In his career Jaymz has hosted TV shows for most Canadian networks, curated an art gallery, run a nightclub and directed TV commercials, music videos and theatre productions. He has written two books of poetry and the best-seller Cocktail Parties for Dummies for IDG Books Worldwide. He is currently writing a musical and produces music for artists in various genres, mostly for Vesuvius Music Inc. Jaymz has a reputation for promoting the Toronto music scene with wild, joyous abandon and can usually be found in a nightclub or music hall. Bee hosts Jazz In the City on Thursdays from 9 pm to midnight and continues to produce and host jazz safaris and concerts for JAZZ.FM91.