James DeGeer is a 23 year old guitar player with 14 years of experience, but relatively new to jazz. Most of his time learning guitar has been influenced by progressive rock and metal. Jazz was always an inspiration for him, but he felt it intimidating to learn. Not until studying at Mohawk College that he really started to tackle it. Now, jazz has become his main inspiration and he enjoys the constant challenge of learning.

James grew up in Hamilton but was born in California. He became interested in music through his parents and three siblings. They were all musicians and his dad a guitar teacher. He taught James through childhood and teenage years, until he began learning more from books and online resources. Through Mohawk College, he’s been introduced to many great teachers who have helped me in many aspects of my musicianship. Bob Shields has been his private teacher for two years, and taught James much about theory and concepts, but also about how the mind works with music, and how to build a long and sustainable career. Bob has been James’s main influence for guitar and he intends to continue studying with Bob after his time at Mohawk Throughout his time at Mohawk College James has grown more and more interested in production and engineering, studying music technology with Kirk Starkey and Jamshed Turel in addition to interning at Catherine North Studio in Hamilton.

James’s Jazzology Playlist:

Jazzology with Heather Bambrick can be heard Wednesdays at 9 pm.