This article was originally published by FYIMusicNews.

“It all began with Salome Bey saying, ‘You should sing the blues. Here’s a script — you are going to play Ma Rainey,'” Jackie Richardson recalls.

There isn’t a soul in Canada who hasn’t been touched by Richardson. It’s in the empathy, character, goodness and grace that she brings to the stage. And let’s not overlook humility, something the music industry was short on before COVID-19.

Richardson is never short on praise for those in her professional neighbourhood, citing singers Divine Brown and SATE as her inspiration. This coming from a woman who exudes confidence.

The celebrated Toronto blues singer and veteran star of musical theatre is the new recipient of the Slaight SING Music Legacy Award. In this extensive interview, Richardson reflects on her childhood in the U.S., her early career breaks, and her love of Sammy Davis Jr., Jann Arden and more.