At JAZZ.FM91, your donations go a long way.

Your donations help us manage the costs of running the radio station and allow us to plan for upgrades to keep delivering you exceptional sound.

Did you know that it costs more than $100,000 a year for us to have the privilege of having our signal broadcast from the top of the CN Tower?

We are also in need of a new server, rather than paying to have our existing one regularly serviced. And to keep our music system functioning, we need to invest in a new audio vault system. This will cost the station more than $32,000.

Your donation will help us pay for someone to lead us in a great new morning show. It will also help us build a morning show that includes a local newscast, and it will help us with coverage of the arts in southern Ontario and beyond.

Your donations allow us to keep building and delivering important community outreach programs such as weekly music therapy sessions at St Michael’s Hospital. Give the gift of mental health through your support of JAZZ.FM91.

Your donations are an investment in essential education programs such as the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band, Jazz 4 Kids and Jazzology.

We say how proud JAZZ.FM91 is of our community and education programs – but it is you, the donor, who should be proud because you make it happen.