If you ask five Harry Connick Jr. fans why they love him, you may get five different answers. Broadway, television, movies, hosting. But at the heart of it all, Harry Connick Jr. is a musician who’s sold 30 million records and earned three Grammy Awards.

Now, Connick has just released an incredibly personal new album called Alone With My Faith. As the title implies, the recording reflects on how faith can be both individual and universal — something that brings us together. Comprising both traditional and original material, Alone With My Faith is also a musical tour de force for Connick, who played everything you hear on the album and recorded it himself in his home studio.

“With no tour dates in sight, and with everyone’s realities upended and futures uncertain, recording was what was necessary for me to help guide me through the uncharted odyssey in which we all unexpectedly found ourselves,” Connick said. “I was able to go deep within myself as a musician and a man, uninterrupted by the normalcies of collaboration or human interaction. It was a sort of musical isolation chamber, a silent retreat, the silence only broken by the sound of my own voice, the instruments I played, and the occasional microphone I inadvertently knocked over, as I’m not the most graceful recording engineer that ever lived.”

Connick joined us over the phone to tell us more about the intensely personal and emotional process of making his latest record.