Hannah McFarlane is a Hamilton-based singer-songwriter who is currently in her third year studying applied music at Mohawk College.

Growing up, McFarlane always had a love for music. Watching her mother perform at various events throughout her youth only made her fall more in love with the idea of performing. As a young singer, she usually found herself being drawn to and playing alternative-rock music. She also found a love for jazz when she was a member of the Durham Vocal Jazz Choir during high school. Since then, she has only grown more fond of the genre. While in the Durham Vocal Jazz Choir, she had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops which helped her develop her musical skills. McFarlane always found different opportunities to share her love of music and talent with others from participating in singing competitions to starting up a Glee club in her high school.

In September of 2018, McFarlane began her studies at Mohawk College where she found her love for country and folk music, taking influence from artists such as Patsy Cline, Leann Rimes and Shania Twain. As her journey continued at Mohawk, she has been able to develop her own sound using the knowledge and skills she has learned from her faculty, courses she has taken and her fellow classmates. In late 2019, McFarlane started her first band, which gave her the opportunity to perform at various venues around Hamilton and gain added experience on top of her educational journey.

Through the endless support and encouragement from her family, colleagues, and Mohawk College faculty, McFarlane has great confidence in her ability to perform and educate within the music industry. Daily, she is expanding her knowledge of both performing and creating music and feels she has a lot to offer to the world of music.