It’s always been hard to classify GoGo Penguin — and they’re fine with that.

With some calling them “the Radiohead of British jazz,” the trio have placed themselves at the blurry nexus of classical, jazz, rock, electronic and experimental music.

The band’s second album v2.0 was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize in 2014, and the next year they signed with Blue Note and released two albums with the prestigious jazz imprint in 2016 and 2018.

Now, the band is ready to share their self-titled fourth album. With it, we’re hearing a version of GoGo Penguin that’s more emboldened than ever, as the band continues to find new ways to express their collaborative creativity and push the limits of their music.

Pianist Chris Illingworth joined us for a conversation about that record, and how they gained the confidence to make it.