This article was originally published by FYIMusicNews.

George Koller’s resumé reads like a map of the last few decades of a forward-thinking Canadian music scene.

Koller is and has been in the middle of change, much to do with his ability to bring an outside voice to any project and subtly enhance and embellish upon it. That voice is coloured in many shades and hues. What Koller leaves behind is specific, creative, innovative and notable.

George Koller is a bassist, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and promoter of jazz, world and folk music through concerts and his home-grown label ZSAN Records (the zenith of science, art and nature). In a wildly diverse and expansive career, he has worked with a highly eclectic list that includes Peter Gabriel, Eartha Kitt, Chaka Khan, Eddie Harris, Loreena McKennitt, David Clayton-Thomas, Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds), Ian Tyson, the Shuffle Demons, Laila Biali, John McDermott, Larry Coryell, Karrin Allyson, Phil Woods, Michael McDonald, Carvin Winans, Sonny Stitt, Valdy, Eliana Cuevas, Holly Cole and many others.

​A prolific composer, producer and bassist, Koller plays a variety of instruments, many of which are featured on his award-winning debut solo album Music for Plants, Animals and Humans. He has performer credits on more than 1,600 albums in various genres and producer credits on at least 250 albums. Some recent producer credits include Biali, Fern Lindzon, Cuevas, Clayton-Thomas, Rita Chiarelli, Monsoon, Near East, June Garber, Lara Solnicki, Julie Michels, Linda Carone, the Shuffle Demons, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Jim McCarty.

Koller has also recorded numerous yoga, meditation and wellness albums such as Cello by the Sea, India, Bali, Breathing for Relaxation, Peaceful Harmony, Zen Tranquility, Zen Harmony, Zen Serenity and Rest Well for labels such as Dan Gibson’s Solitudes, Sommerset Records and Avalon Records.

George was awarded the HMV “fresh blood” grand prize, has been voted National Jazz Awards bassist of the year, has a Toronto Star critics award and two Porcupine Awards, and he has been on many Juno-nominated and Juno-winning albums. His latest solo album is Secret Space Program.

Koller continues to release digital singles on ZSAN Records, and in 2020 he began a special series of singles from various artists recorded in studio sessions called Orphan Songs, with which he is highlighting unique, standalone compositions that have not found their homes on an album.