Canada sure has done a pretty great job at this whole jazz thing.

While the origins of jazz are to be found way south of the Great White North, the artists here have been honouring, adapting and innovating the style for many decades. From early luminaries like Oscar Peterson and Rob McConnell to modern superstars like Diana Krall and Michael Bublé and the many, many others in between, the country has produced some serious jazz talent. Mix in blues, funk, soul and other crossovers within the broader musical family to which jazz belongs, and you’ll find a nearly endless mine of true Canadian gems. And with young and aspiring artists cropping up year after year, that tradition remains strong.

At Canada’s jazz station, we wanted to come together and give praise to our favourite jazz and blues tunes by artists from our homeland. It certainly doesn’t have everyone — there are too many to be able to do that! — but what you’ll find is an eclectic, multigenerational mix of songs, one that reflects the strength and diversity of Canada and its music scene.