Pianist and composer Ethan Iverson expands on his own musical history with his Blue Note debut Every Note is True.

Iverson has championed the rich traditions and evolutions of jazz throughout his career. The Brooklyn-based musician is best known for his role as co-founder of The Bad Plus, playing with the trio for more than 17 years. Since leaving the group in 2017, Iverson has used his departure to pursue different projects and collaborations as a source of continued growth and inspiration. Notable collaborations in this period include Billy Hart, Albert “Tootie” Heath and Tom Harrell, and writing various compositions for orchestra, big band, and the Mark Morris Dance Group.

“I’ve been extraordinarily busy with a lot of projects that try to assess the tradition,” Iverson says. “Playing with Tootie and Billy was almost a reaction against playing with The Bad Plus every night. But I was starting to feel my oats to play that kind of piano again, so I consciously composed a set of attractive tunes that have a bit of a pop influence. It could never be The Bad Plus without Reid and Dave, but some of that bright big piano is back.”