Ernesto Cervini shares short documentary Finding Joy

Drummer and composer Ernesto Cervini has premiered a documentary called Finding Joy which explores the inspiration behind his latest album.

The Juno-winning musician’s latest project Joyreleased in October, was thematically inspired by Louise Penny’s award-winning series of Armand Gamache mystery novels.

In June, Cervini and his sister and co-producer Amy Cervini travelled to Knowlton, Que., the town that inspired the fictional location of Three Pines from Penny’s novels. There, they explored the town while discussing the music, the making of the album and their connection as siblings and musicians.

The 20-minute documentary is available now on YouTube:

“We wanted to do something to explore this album, because it’s more of a concept album than anything I’ve ever done,” Cervini tells Heather Bambrick in an interview with JAZZ.FM91. “We went and we looked at the town and all of these spots that inspired the books and then inspired the music. It was really surreal to be there, and it was amazing to share it with my sister who loves these books as much as I do and has been along for my whole journey in life, but also this musical journey as well.”

The 14-track album features Cervini’s multiple combos Turboprop, Tetrahedron and TuneTown, along with the talents of numerous other instrumentalists and vocalists.

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Joy is available now on Bandcamp.