The author of last year’s graphic novel about Charlie Parker has returned with another jazz-inspired work in collaboration with Blue Note Records.

Dave Chisholm’s new book Enter the Blue, published by Z2 Comics, is a fictional story that pays tribute to the legendary record label.

The book follows the character of Jessie Choi, a young jazz trumpeter who has since stopped performing. After her mentor Jimmy Hightower collapses at a gig and loses consciousness, Jessie finds herself reluctantly pulled back into the jazz scene she abandoned years earlier. As Jessie investigates Jimmy’s comatose state, she wonders if Jimmy is somehow trapped in a mysterious meeting place known as The Blue, where ghosts from the storied history of jazz spring to life for those courageous enough to enter. In her search to save her teacher, Jessie embarks on a journey through a secret history of the origins and legacy of Blue Note Records, its two founders, and the label’s long-lasting impact on the history of jazz.