Emerald Bricker is a Toronto-based trumpet player who currently attends York University. Growing up in Barrie, Bricker started playing trumpet in high school where she was first exposed to jazz through her wonderful high school teachers who always pushed her to improve. After an almost two-year hiatus from playing trumpet while studying professional communication at Ryerson, she followed her dreams and switched to studying music at York University.

Over the past four years, Bricker has studied with Kevin Turcotte, Kelly Jefferson, Lorne Lofsky, Al Henderson and many more who have pushed her to create her own individual and unique voice on the trumpet. In the past couple of years, she has performed at Canada’s Wonderland in a traditional jazz band and can often be found busking in Christie Pitts Park with her roommates in a group called The Roommates.

Bricker looks forward to seizing every opportunity that comes her way in the future.