On April 26, 2024Dot Time Records will release A Different Riff: Minnock Sings Shire, the fourth and final studio release from beloved vocalist and master song interpreter John Minnock. Released posthumously following Minnock’s untimely passing in February, A Different Riff is the artist’s heartfelt tribute to the great composer David Shire.

On A Different Riff, Minnock delivers his final love letter to Shire’s work and reprises his extraordinary artistic partnership with soprano saxophonist Dave Liebman. Co-produced by Liebman and Shire, and featuring the former on soprano, A Different Riff finds the latter’s perennial works expertly reworked in a jazz setting by the vocalist with pianist Sean Mason, bassist Mark Lewandowski and drummer Pablo Eluchans.

Here’s what his publicist says this about Minnock’s legacy:

“Simply put, there will never be another John Minnock. With dedication and care, Minnock built a distinct sound and carved out a musical path based on his own authenticity and his passion. Over the course of four official studio albums and countless evenings of song, Minnock drew audiences ever nearer with his inimitable storytelling, his lush vocals, his humor, and his vulnerability. The magic of John Minnock is that John was never afraid to offer audiences all of himself – through the balance of his signature wit with moments of true introspection, the artist painted a dynamic and compelling portrait of contemporary gay life, particularly on his albums Right Around The Corner and Herring Cove. In late February, the world shockingly lost Minnock after he passed from a brief illness. He leaves behind a rich and resonant tapestry of artistic works, ensuring that his legacy will live on. While it is bittersweet to release an album posthumously, Minnock was incredibly proud of A Different Riff and had often referred to it as his best album yet.”

A celebration of life and release party will be held this Saturday in New York City. Take a listen to the lead single ” What About Today?”